Dry Needling

Dry needling is a modality that involves inserting thin, flexible, hollow needles into areas of the body that contain musculoskeletal trigger points (TrPs). These TrPs are synonymously referred to as “knots” within our muscle and/or fascial tissue. They are typically painful when pressure is applied to them, and they can refer pain to regions of the body away from the site of the actual TrP. For example, there are TrPs in the hip musculature that can refer pain all the way down the back of the leg into the foot, mimicking the symptoms associated with sciatica.

Even though you feel symptoms in the calf and the foot, by dry needling the associated TrPs in the hip, you can significantly reduce the severity of your associated symptoms going down the leg. Oftentimes, light electrical stimulation is applied to the inserted needles, helping to facilitate muscle relaxation and make the process more comfortable.

What to Expect


Dry needling typically leads to a two-fold result: decreased pain and improved range-of-motion (ROM) in the region(s) of the body associated with the trigger points (TrPs) that were needled. This decreased pain and improved ROM allows for the patient to more comfortably take on more aggressive strengthening. It’s the strengthening of these tissues that will lead to sustainable, long-term improvements in pain and function. The dry needling is simply a modality that is used to provide a gateway into more pain-free and successful strengthening.

Why Choose This Service?

Clients that I work with love dry needling because it often leads to a very quick improvement in symptoms. There may be some soreness involved in the immediate aftermath of dry needling, but once this initial soreness wears off, most clients report a significant improvement in their pain and range of motion which allows them to more quickly go back to doing the activities that they love to do in a pain-free way.

Bonus Details

If you are an individual who is already extremely active and not suffering from a current injury, but instead just have some stiffness or post-workout soreness, dry needling is a phenomenal modality to help decrease your recovery time to allow you to get back to your sport or activity faster.
Individual dry needling sessions can be purchased on a-la-carte basis and do not require entering into a formal physical therapy plan of care. This is a great option for athletes who simply want to enhance their recovery.

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