Physical Therapy

I provide a service that has long been lost in our industrialized healthcare system. I provide physical therapy services that are truly patient-focused without having to worry about any of the barriers and hurdles that insurance companies provide. Physical therapy is a branch of healthcare that focuses on rehabilitating individuals who are dealing with musculoskeletal pain.

What to Expect

The outcome of working with me for physical therapy will include improved strength and range-of-motion, more confidence to perform your activities of daily living and hobbies, less fear of movement, unbiased education on the benefits of exercise, and the ability to live your life more confidently! As humans, we are hard-wired to think that in the midst of an injury, we need to solely rest and stop all activities, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth! In actuality, we need to keep moving! By working with me, I will help you discover ways that you can continue to move while you heal to ensure that your body stays robust, resilient, and strong so that when you are fully healed, you can return to all of your previous activities with confidence and without fear of re-injury!

What You’ll Get

Working with me provides substantial benefits compared to getting physical therapy elsewhere. I do not accept insurance. I very intentionally do not accept insurance because insurance only leads to worse care, worse outcomes, and more money spent on physical therapy in the long-run.

Because I am an out-of-network (OON) physical therapy provider, this means that I actually get to formulate a plan of care that is truly the best for YOU, without modifying or watering anything down due to reimbursement issues with insurance companies. This means you will 100% get the absolute best possible patient care to get out of pain and get better faster. Furthermore, I provide 60 minute appointments, well above the industry standard of 30-45 minute appointments. This means that not only will you get better faster, but you will overall have fewer appointments than if you were being seen elsewhere for only 30 minutes per session. This way, you save travel time, gas money, money on copays/coinsurance, and experience less hassle.

Why Do Clients Choose To Work With Me?

Simply put, if something is sore, achey, tight, stiff, weak, or you have recently undergone an injury that has led to pain in your muscle(s), bone(s), and/or joint(s), physical therapy aims to get you out of pain by improving your strength, flexibility of soft tissues, mobility of your joints, and movement patterns. In order to make this happen, I utilize a number of skills and tools to ensure you get better! These include: individualized workouts and home/gym exercise programs, spinal manipulation, dry needling, cupping, soft tissue work, coaching to help improve movement patterns, among other things.

Bonus Details

You do NOT need a physician referral to schedule an appointment with me. Physical therapists are considered “direct access” healthcare providers in the state of Minnesota. I repeat, you do NOT need a physician referral to schedule an appointment with me.


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