Spinal Manipulation

Spinal Manipulation is a technique that involves applying a quick stretch to the tissues in a targeted region of the spine. This quick stretch may or may not produce audible “cracks” or cavitations. Contrary to popular belief, spinal manipulation is not putting bones that are “out of place” back into place. Therefore, the term “adjustment” (which is often used to describe spinal manipulations) is a misnomer, as no bones are actually being adjusted or put back into place.

The audible cavitations or “cracks” that result from spinal manipulations come from the pressure change between the inside and outside of a joint and the associated exchange of gasses that subsequently takes place at the moment the quick stretch is applied.

What to Expect


The result of spinal manipulation, when performed in the correct context, is typically an immediate improvement in range-of-motion (ROM) and a decrease in pain in the injured region of the body. Although many healthcare clinicians use spinal manipulation as a primary form of treatment, it is best used as a gateway to quickly decrease pain and improve ROM to open a window of time that will allow for more intense and vigorous exercise to occur. When used in combination with exercise, spinal manipulation can be very effective at helping to decrease pain, improve ROM, and improve strength.

Why Choose This Service?

Customers are happy with how I provide this service because there simply aren’t a lot of physical therapists out there who can confidently perform spinal manipulation and know the correct context in which to perform them. Therefore, there are a LOT of patients out there who would benefit greatly from spinal manipulation but they are missing out on it because spinal manipulation is a tool that simply isn’t in their PT’s wheelhouse/arsenal of tools.

Bonus Details

Spinal manipulation can be performed as an a la carte service and provided outside of the context of a formal physical therapy plan of care. It is quickly performed (I can manipulate the whole spine in 10 minutes) and is a cheap and convenient option for clients. This makes it a GREAT option for people who are looking for a really quick way to get some pain relief before participating in a workout, going on a run, playing a sport, etc.

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