My Story

Hello! My name is Rob Evans, also known as “The Next Level Physio.” I am a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy providing services out of Minneapolis, MN and Farmington, MN. I provide exceptional, patient-focused physical therapy and rehabilitation services to people of all levels, helping them decrease pain, improve strength, and improve range of motion to live a fuller, happier life!

Whether you’re an athlete who is trying to recover from an injury, someone who is trying to get ahead of the game and prevent an injury from occurring (i.e. “prehab”), or someone who simply needs some extra help to unlock a tight or restricted joint or body part, I am here to help create a plan of care to help you move better and with less pain in order to achieve YOUR goals!

In addition to formal physical therapy, I also offer a number of “a la carte” services that can be purchased without committing to a formal physical therapy plan of care. These services include dry needling, spinal manipulation, and recovery sessions.

The Next Level Physio

When you work with me, everything is designed around the client’s wants, goals, and needs. By combining hands-on manual therapy, targeted therapeutic exercise, and client-specific at-home or at-the-gym accessory programming, the result is an improvement in movement mechanics that will allow you to become stronger, decrease pain, improve overall range of motion, and more easily perform exercises and activities of daily living. Improvements in these things will increase your overall quality of life and allow you to get back to doing the things you love without fear of re-injury!

Why You Should Work With Me

I am different from other physical therapists out there because I have very intentionally chosen to NOT accept insurance. This is because insurance companies provide a major barrier between the client and clinician which prevents the clinician from providing optimal care to the patient. Physical therapy companies and practitioners often provide care to a client based on what will allow them to get reimbursed the most from the client’s insurance company.

This leads to unnecessary interventions and sub-optimal care that is not beneficial for the patient and is often a waste of time and resources. By not accepting insurance and going purely through a self-pay route, you can assure that you are getting the best possible care without any middleman dictating your care. Your plan-of-care will be specific to you, and only you, and not dictated by what is going to lead to the greatest reimbursement from an insurance company.


"I can definitely tell the improvement in my shoulder strength and mobility! I was able to do a Sotts press at 105# for 3 reps which is amazing compared to a month ago I couldn’t really even do that movement with a PVC pipe. The stretches you gave me, the resistance bands at home and the needling is helping!"

- B.G.

"Happy to report 3 new PRs (personal records) today...415# deadlift. PR by 50#. 275# front squat. PR by 30#. 260# bench press. PR by 10#. My neck would have prevented me from all three of those just a few short weeks ago"

- C.C.

"Shoulder feels great! Thank you for asking. I overhead squatted 250# today for the first time in about 4 months. I was pumped!"

- T.C.

"Guess what! I butterflied my pull-ups today for the first time in months. They weren’t all perfect and I feel it in the shoulder but more in a fatigue was and NOT in a pain way! Woot woot!!!"

- S.O.

"Update: I used the rower yesterday (2 miles) no pain at all! Thank you so much! I never thought I’d be able to do as much as I am doing. You’re the best!"

- E.H.